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Birth and Postpartum Support


Let’s work together and find out what’s important to you in birth and postpartum.

Hi! My name is Cris. I am a birthworker who helps families prepare for birth and postpartum by vibrating a baseline of autonomy through the experience. After my first birth I decided to train as a doula so I could doula myself through my second birth and postpartum — experience that makes me artfully aligned to guide your breakthrough to a bold, self-determining experience.

When we work together I will facilitate a process of uncovering your individual beliefs and values, help take stock of what and who you have in your life and what you will need to make this experience fully aligned, all while providing tools and guidance to assert your needs to providers and support systems. Known for my lighthearted one-liners and nothing shocks me non-judgmental perspective, I will meld into your support team — from pregnancy through the fourth trimester — as a friend, caregiver, and confidant.




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I know that birth and postpartum can be an experience that ignites power and confidence in families — but I didn’t always know that.

With my first child I wasn’t prepared for the undoing of my entire world during the birthing and postpartum experience. As a people pleaser, I was shook by how much I needed to confront others and voice my needs, and it landed me in a state of depletion until I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Two years into motherhood I found out that I was pregnant again — and I knew I needed to do things differently the second time around.

I sought out every bit of information I could find and signed up to train as a doula. The information helped me align my preparation with my expectations to have the birth and postpartum experience I desired and deserved. But what really changed my course is when I began challenging my thought patterns, tuning into my values and intuition, setting boundaries, and using my voice in a powerful positive way — and I realize now that it was never about outcome, it was always about autonomy.

And this is what I would love to offer you — a deep dive into your birth and postpartum expectations, connection and validation with your inner knowing, and support from a human who passionately, unapologetically believes in the power that birth and postpartum can spark.

Expect lots of laughs, hard conversations, and definitely tears too, because tuning into your deepest wants and fears is the only way come undone and piece yourself back together into the parent and person you want to be.




prepAratION for Birth and Postpartum

If you remember just one thing from reading this, remember this: you are the expert.

Birth and postpartum preparation is the base of what I offer because it provides thoughtful questions that will help you create an individual map for your birth and postpartum experience. This is not about stuffing everything you think you need to know about birth into your brain. This is not about sitting on a yoga mat going through powerpoint slides about birth.

Our work together will focus on exploring you and your beliefs and values about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We will discuss the importance of building a birth team and choosing a birth setting that aligns with your expectations. We will move our bodies and act out the many different ways childbirth can look to see if you have any stuck points in coming undone. And my most favorite part of all — we will create a badass, boundary focused, plan for your fourth trimester.

Birth and postpartum prep is offered in-person or remotely via video Zoom call.



Doula support is added after your birth prep session - and provides on-call birth attendance and in-home postpartum care. In short, after we’ve worked together preparing for your birth and postpartum, you’ve decided that we vibe so much you want to invite me deeper into your journey.


If you don’t know what your choices are, you don’t have any.
— Lindsey Bliss, The Doula's Guide to Empowering Your Birth


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