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Choosing to document the fleeting moments of childhood is something families never regret; whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth go 'round, each milestone creates a unique experience worthy of remembering and deserves to be documented in a natural and supportive manner. 

As a photographer and artist, my purpose is to document the sacred time when families prepare for, welcome, and care for their new child.  As a mother, being a part of your story means the world to me and I am honored to work with you and your family.

The Experience

Before Your Session  When you have decided to move forward with booking, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to help me get to know you and your family better. We will keep in touch in the weeks leading up to your session or due date.

  • Timeframe + Locations: I will be on-call for birth and newborn sessions from 38 weeks until the birth of your child. Newborn sessions take place either within 48 hours after birth at the place of birth or within the first month of life at home. Our exact session date will be scheduled once I get the (excited!) text that your baby has arrived.

Your Session   We will start your session with a walkthrough so I can get familiar with your space, go over things we have discussed. The most direction I give is that I’ll move you into good light for situational portraits - mostly I am just documenting as your story unfolds. While I provide time guidelines for our session, we are never racing against the clock. Below are some tips about how to make your session the best ever!

  • House Rules: A lived in house is expected! I tend to focus on areas where the light is best and you hang out the most. Don't worry about cleaning your house down to the baseboards, a quick tidy up will do and give us plenty of locations to photograph as you go about your day. If there is something in your house you don't want photographed - store it away! Please do not go out of your way to clean before I arrive for a newborn session unless you've asked a friend or family member to help you do so. I can work around any of those newborn piles that seemingly appear out of nowhere.

  • What to Wear: Keep your clothing simple and representative of your family! The only guideline I give is to stay away from neon colors if possible. Be who you are on your best day! Keep baby in a simple clothing that stays away from the face - onesies are great. If you are concerned about what to wear let me know and we can chat about it!

  • Communicate: Let's get some real talk in... during newborn sessions know that your baby will need breaks, it is a-ok and expected. I can also assure you that your older children aren't misbehaving. You will be focused on playing and laughs and soaking up time with your family. Let them make that silly face and jump on the couch. No bribes, no time-outs, or being embarrassed (remember I have a toddler!). All this said, never feel like you should wait to feed, change, or take a break if you need it. It's not an interruption. Your comfort and children's well being are the most important thing to me!

After Your Session   You can expect a sneak peek from your session within three days. After that, your gallery will be delivered within three weeks of your session. From your gallery you will be able to download a hi-resolution heirloom gallery - you'll also be able to order prints, extended digital photographs, make greeting cards, and additional family heirlooms. You will also make selections for your keepsake prints and will receive those within two weeks from when your selections are made.

Sound good? If you have any additional questions please reach out to me, otherwise, let's do this!