Cris Van Grol, Photographer (+ Doula In-Training!)

A few posts back I mentioned that I had taken a deep interest in the birthing experience. After months of back and forth, a lot of researching so. many. agencies, and psyching myself out multiple times, I finally took the leap. I officially started training to become a certified postpartum doula! 

If you're thinking what the heck is this woman doing becoming a doula when she struggled so much during her own postpartum period, believe me, I asked myself the same thing many times. That question is what made the little voice in my head say "you can't do this" and "how will I know how to support families during the postpartum period when I didn't even know how to support myself." It was while asking that question that I realized - yes, I want to do this, I can do this, and my fear is exactly why I need to do this. 

I chose the postpartum doula certification program through Childbirth International as my first step into the doula world, but I know it is just the beginning. This path is going to require a lifetime of learning and I couldn't be more excited to start my journey.