A week in photographs.


Over the past year our life has become filled to the brim with to-do lists, tasks, and a lot of life-altering changes. When I looked back through photos from Wren's first 15 months of life I noticed a big gap. For about six months I felt that I could not document the messiness that our life has become. I was bombarded with a constant stream of perfection that had me feeling like our family life wasn't good enough to photograph because it is decorated with dishes in the sink and tumble fur that I just don't know how many times I can vaccum in one day to keep it under control. I was feeling grumpy, annoyed, and down because I stopped myself from creating and doing my favorite thing in the world - photographing our family.

That's when I decided to begin a 52 Project. It was not the first of the year or any extraordinary day. I just knew I needed to start creating again and wanted to do something for me. I forced myself to accept that this is us and it's okay. Overflowing laundry baskets will never scream HEY WORLD I'm keeping it together! - and the reality is, some days I'm just not.  I'm learning how to navigate motherhood, help manage a business, work, be a wife, and keep this house from falling over from the weight of unmatched baby socks. Oh, and that self-care thing is always the first thing thrown out the window. Finding balance is a contstant struggle and most days I feel more drained than filled up. Thankfully I made a connection that the days that ended feeling filled up and whole were the same days that I documented with my camera.

Six months ago I would not have taken most of the photos I've shared over the last eight weeks. I would have looked around at the mess and not even picked up my camera. I wouldn't have packed it in my bag. I most definitely would not have put them out into the world. But here there are...