A week in photographs.

This week has been a busy exciting and focused week. All of this weeks photographs were taken for an assignment in the Birth Photography course I'm enrolled in. It's been challenging and wonderful -- and makes me want to grow as a photographer and human being. Learning from others is magical. 

This assignment was open ended - document a story - so I began with an intention to document Wren's wild and crazy hair. By day two it quickly turned into a simple morning series. What I see when I first wake up until I finally get to take a shower (if I get to take a shower). I always see articles and posts about "the 10 morning habits of highly successful people"   and I get it, mornings are important, they create a path for the day, but if I tried to make them fit into a perfect schedule I would go crazy. The only morning habit I have in this crazy little life I live, is that every morning, I smile at my kid, kiss him on his cute friggin face, and tell him that I love him.  Sometimes, my kid falls in the sink. Other times I can't see the end of the laundry pile. Oh, and I always feed him (me, not likely).  Yea, take that Forbes. 

I might continue this little series.