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What is a doula? +

Doula-ing: the act of educating, loving, respecting, listening to, embracing, and assisting a family prenatally, during labor, childbirth, and after. As your doula my role is to nurture you so you can focus inward and on your baby. I provide information, emotional, and hands-on help, so you have a suppported start in parenting.

What exactly do you provide us? +

This answer varies greatly and is dependent on what your family needs and wants. The best way to answer this question is to talk over the phone or in person!

Do you replace my doctor or pediatrician? +

Nope! As a doula I do not provide any medical assistance or medical advice. Having trusted medical care providers is one of, if not the most, important thing during this stage of your life.

Are you a trained doula? +

In November I will be able to say an excited YES to this! I complete my in-person birth doula training with Carriage House Birth the first weekend in November! For the past year I have been working through coursework for CHB foundation birth training and Childbirth Internationalpostpartum doula training. I've read so. many. books, researched, and learned all about the birth and postpartum shift. After my in person training, I will be taking steps to complete certification. That means, serving families, serving you, so that I can get the hands-on experience that is required to be considered a certified doula. While certification is not a requirement to practice as a doula in New York State, it is a personal goal of mine that I'm looking forward to accomplishing.

What is the photo documentation add-on all about? +

When you add photography documentation onto doula support, it means I will have my camera on hand each time we meet. At six weeks postpartum you will receive a gallery of photographs documenting your story, your family, and new child's story. We will probably cry together as we look back at how amazing, hard, and all the feels it has been. Because newborn babies have this otherworldly ability to make time slow down and skip ahead in the same breath.

Why should I book a doula and photography package? +

When you book a package you receive priority in scheduling and, if you were to add each offering up individually, packaged offerings come out at a discounted rate.

Will you share photographs of my family online? +

Simple answer - no. I want you to let go of "how things should look" and sink into your own story and reality. I think by providing a safe, private space helps accomplish that. Once your photographs are delivered to you and you've had time with them, I may ask if I can add one or two photos to my portfolio. This is alwas centered around is all your comfort level and willingness to share your story.