What is a postpartum doula? +

My focus is to nurture the birth parent so that they can better care for the infant. By providing knowledge, emotional and practical support, the family can start their journey on a positve note.

What exactly do you provide us? +

This answer varies greatly dependent on the family needs. When I visit, we will talk about points of anxiety or frustration and focus on tackling those items first. Maybe you need uninterupted rest, or there is a box of baby clothes that need sorting and washing. It could be that you have no snacks readily available, or all of your nursing bras are covered in milk. When I leave, you should feel acomplished, rested, and ready to settle back into your nest of oxytocin.

Why should I book a package? +

When you book a package you receive priority in scheduling, a discounted rate, and photo documentation of your journey. Packages include food costs for your chosen menu items.

What do you mean by photo documentation? +

After your baby moon, we will head outdoors (or cozy up inside if it's winter) and celebrate your rentrance to the world with a family session.